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ELD Rider Features

Access more than 15 features on a single platform.

Smart dashboard

Gain complete real-time visibility of all vehicle, trailer, and driver activities. Keep the roads safe.


Save lives – prevent accidents before they happen.


Improve fuel management efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability. Get all key statistical fuel management parameters in one tab.

Unidentified Driving in Progress

Catch Unidentified Driving while in progress and solve violations on the spot.

Multi-company Account

Have complete data for all fleets in just one account.

Logs Manager

Monitor compliance with ease. Grow your business faster.

Preventive Maintenance

Upgrade your fleet’s maintenance game and experience unparalleled efficiency.

Real-time Alerts

Automated real-time alerts to keep you informed and in control.


Monitor vehicle activity within a defined area to boost efficiency.

Live Share

Load monitoring for third parties made easy.

Dispatch Board

You and your drivers can access the loads and stay on top of the delivery at all times.

Asset Utilization

Reduce fuel consumption and maximize equipment utilization.

ELD Unplugged Events

Stay compliant and protected. Get instant notifications for ELD Unplugged events.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Stay on top of your vehicle’s health and reduce additional costs.


Reduce errors from manually collecting data to zero.

Vehicle Inspections

Instantly spot vehicle defects. Reduce maintenance and violation costs.


Track driver behaviors with our harsh events data.

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