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Logs Manager

Driver Compliance Management with Ease


Enhance HOS Visibility with Our Easy-to-Use Logs Manager

By using our user-friendly logs manager, you can enhance the visibility of hours of service. You’ll be able to examine the driver’s logs and access details regarding all driving events for their vehicle. This will provide you with a comprehensive view of all driver and vehicle operations, ensuring adherence to HOS regulations.

Efficient Monitoring of Vehicle Movements with Our Location History Feature

Fleet managers can easily access the Location History line from the Logs to review daily vehicle movements. By clicking on the line, managers can pinpoint the precise location and speed at any given moment. This feature also facilitates the monitoring of ELD unplugged events and refueling activities recorded in the driver’s log, thereby preventing ELD rule violations and optimizing fuel usage.

Effectively Manage Your Team of Drivers

Directly below the driver’s logs, you can access a list of all driving events that have yet to be assigned to a specific driver. This feature is especially useful when dealing with team drivers or unidentified driving events associated with a specific vehicle.

Real-Time Driver Duty Status Tracking for Improved Fleet Performance

View and track all driver’s duty statuses and log edits in a one place. You can access updated information regarding engine hours, odometer, location, and notes for each status. You can also get a comprehensive overview of certification events, power up activities, and intermediate events that are recorded every two minutes while the vehicle is moving.

Simplify Driver Compliance Monitoring

Ensuring driver compliance has never been simpler. You can check to see if the driver has entered all of the required information, such as the trailer number and shipping documents, and if they have certified their logs.. Compliance managers can effortlessly propose log edits and issue a pending request to the driver in under a minute.

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Track drivers duty statuses and log edits to simplify the compliance process with our Logs Manager feature

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How often is location data recorded from an ELD device?

Location data is recorded every two minutes.

Where can I check if my driver has entered trailer and shipping documents?

Check for possible Form & Manner Errors directly from Driver’s Daily Log and remind your driver’s to enter the missing trailer and shipping documents and to certify logs, if they haven’t already.