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GPS Tracking

Real-time tracking of your vehicle and driver locations


Reduce Costs and Save Time

The ELD Rider GPS devices offer an optimal solution for asset management, monitoring location, velocity, and unexpected halts, and are vital in preventing theft. Our GPS devices are adaptable to a wide range of vehicle types, including trucks, trailers, and excavators, thanks to the availability of diverse GPS accessories.

Enhance the Safety of Your Fleet

With ELD Rider GPS devices, you can keep track of your vehicle’s exact location, velocity, current status, battery and fuel levels, and even idling conditions. By proactively utilizing these features, you can swiftly address any emergencies regarding your vehicle or driver, thereby enhancing safety.

Reduce Insurance Costs

By using ELD Rider GPS, you can decrease insurance premiums and lower the driver’s CSA score by supervising their driving behavior, speed, and recklessness.

Set Up Geofences

Generate a Geofence area on the map, and receive a notification via the app, email, or SMS whenever your truck or trailer enters or exits the Geofenced area.

Monitor Instances Where
ELDs Are Unplugged

In the event that your driver has disconnected an ELD device, and you have both ELD and GPS equipment, you can use our TrackLight GPS device to obtain the location and status of the vehicle in question.

Make Informed Decisions

Automated GPS reporting enables you to enhance vehicle performance by examining Mileage and Idling Utilization reports and minimizing operational expenses that impact your company. Determine if an asset is unproductive, idling for too long, or consuming fuel unnecessarily.

Accelerate Your Growth
With ELD Rider

Boost the efficiency of your fleet, have full assurance of each asset’s mobility, and save money. Track location in real-time and stay informed of any modifications with our immediate alerts.

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Do I need ELD Rider to use ELD Rider GPS devices?

ELD Rider GPS is a stand-alone solution which can be used regardless of ELD Rider for both vehicles and trailers tracking.

I already have an ELD device, why do I need GPS as well?

ELD RIder GPS devices can be assigned to not only vehicles but also to trailers. GPS devices can provide additional information on trailer’s temperature and vehicle battery which can’t be fetched from ELD. GPS devices are also useful to track vehicle location in case when the driver has unplugged the ELD.

Can I keep track of how long was the vehicle idling with the GPS device?

Yes, ELD Rider In-Dash GPS device monitors idling conditions.