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Maintenance Solution

Enhance productivity and minimize expenses


Safety First

The ELD Rider Maintenance solution prioritizes safety above all else. Ensuring that all vehicles are in excellent condition enhances drivers’ productivity, decreases anxiety, and optimizes asset usage. Avoid unexpected road incidents and have confidence that loads are promptly delivered.

Run this Vehicle Inspection Easily

Our user-friendly mobile application enables drivers to conduct DVIRs swiftly while enhancing safety through automatic reminders for pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Fleet managers can review defects on the web and prioritize which issues require immediate attention.

Master Maintenance Schedule

Managing preventive maintenance has become effortless, as we emphasize the most crucial maintenance tasks that require resolution shortly. Once you establish a schedule, you will receive a notification as the due date approaches. Select the maintenance frequency and type based on your specific requirements.

Keep Track of Fault Codes Instantly

Receive immediate notifications and detect crucial issues more rapidly. You can monitor all active Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) detected in real-time through our Smart Dashboard Map. The fault codes are exhibited with a complete description, allowing your fleet to address them promptly and send vehicles for repair when required.

Alerts Help You Save Time

Our notifications will keep you informed about your vehicle’s condition. Receive reminders regarding the established maintenance timetable every time a fault code or DVIR with defects is reported.

Monitor the Condition of the Vehicle

Establishing maintenance schedules can minimize operational expenses, allowing you to visit mechanics punctually and enhance driver safety.

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Can I schedule preventive maintenance for oil change every 30 000 miles?

Choose any type of maintenance and any frequency you want. You can schedule maintenance frequency in the miles, but also in the engine hours and days. For example, make a schedule for oil change every 30 000 miles, every 6 months or every 1500 engine hours.

Will I see the list of all reported defects during DVIR?

Yes, all pre-trip and post-trip inspections are sent to the web so the fleet manager can evaluate the DVIR report and resolve defects (if any are reported) on vehicles and trailers.

Where can I see if my vehicle has an active DTC?

If there is an active Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) for your vehicle, you will immediately receive in-app, Email or SMS notification and you will see it directly from the Dashboard list where vehicles with DTCs will be marked with “Vehicle Faults” status.