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Asset Utilization

Minimize fuel usage while optimizing equipment utilization


Improve Balance Among the Vehicles

Maximize the utilization of your vehicle and minimize maintenance and fuel consumption expenses by using the comprehensive Utilization reports. These reports will assist you in determining idle time, fuel consumption, and mileage for each vehicle, allowing you to improve asset utilization and revenue while using fewer resources.

Assess the Utilization of Every Vehicle

Establish a benchmark for the average distance requested per vehicle and then evaluate the distance actually traveled during the selected time frame. By pinpointing vehicles that are either underutilized or overutilized, you can enhance vehicle efficiency and optimize equipment usage. This approach will encourage drivers to make more informed travel decisions while also maximizing performance.

Reduce Fuel Usage by Utilizing Idling Reports.

According to the 2022 research conducted by the American Transport Research Institute, fuel costs were 35.4 percent higher in 2021 than in 2020. You can save money by examining the data in our report. Assess your fuel efficiency by comparing the hours spent idling versus driving, and take steps to avoid inefficient vehicle use. Fleet managers can now track how long vehicles are idle and communicate with drivers to decrease idle time.

 Maximize the Overall Utilization of Assets

Our solution offers a comprehensive use overview, including Mileage and Idling reports that can assist in prolonging engine life and reducing fuel consumption. Our reports improve transparency and comprehension by providing fleet managers with actionable data, allowing them to install measures to increase productivity across their fleet.

Develop an Effective Asset Management Plan

Fleet asset data is integrated for easy monitoring from anywhere, anytime. Now, you can streamline processes and manage multiple fleet assets and operations in one place. Your fleet managers will have access to the information and resources they need to create an effective asset management plan that reduces administration, extends the useful life of valuable assets, and makes better use of limited resources. You can reduce your company’s fleet expenses and expenditures by improving management effectiveness and cutting administration time.

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What is considered an idling event?

An idling event is recorded when the vehicle is stationary while the engine is running for more than 5 minutes.

Do I know which driver is responsible for idling?

Idling time is assigned to the vehicle, not to the driver. You will easily be able to see which driver was using the vehicle during the idle hours.

How is total fuel efficiency calculated?

Total fuel efficiency takes into account distance traveled and gallons spent for that distance during driving and idling hours. This data may come useful when calculating the fuel consumption per mile.

The total utilization of my vehicles in the Mileage Utilization report is 120 %. What does this mean?

Total Utilization is comparison of planned miles traveled vs. actual miles traveled in the chosen date range. If Total Utilization reaches 120 %, it means miles driven for all that the total vehicles are 20 % higher than expected.