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ELD Unplugged Events

Stay compliant by getting notified of ELD disconnections


Receive Instant Alerts when the ELD gets Unplugged from the Vehicle

When everything is working properly, monitoring your fleet operations is simple, but what happens when the ELD is unplugged? When a device is disconnected from a vehicle, the ELD Rider solution will notify you immediately. You can directly check the driver’s last known location and the vehicle’s status from the ELD Rider Dashboard.

View the Distance Traveled during ELD Device Disconnection

ELD Rider provides all the important data, such as the exact time, location, and odometer readings when the ELD device was unplugged and reconnected. Our smart calculation system will calculate the total distance traveled during the period when the device was disconnected.

ELD Unplugged Events Report for Simplifying IFTA Fuel Tax Calculation

With ELD Rider you will have a comprehensive report of all ELD device disconnections for every vehicle in a single location. Choose the desired date range and access data about the total distance traveled while disconnected. The Unplugged Events report is valuable in the computation of IFTA fuel tax reports.

Avoid ELD violations with ELD Unplugs

Monitoring ELD device connection is critical to avoid violations, which can result in fines,
out-of-service orders, and a drop in CSA scores. You can receive
immediate alerts when the driver reconnects the device with ELD Rider,
eliminating the risk of violations caused by unplugged ELDs.

Always Stay Connected to Protect your Fleet and Drivers

Violations of the ELD mandate can lead to severe fines from the Department of Transportation. If the ELD is unplugged for any reason, it will be recorded, and the driver will be held accountable by the fleet manager, the company, or the DOT, resulting in termination, and potential fines. To avoid these consequences, instant alerts will notify the fleet and safety managers, who can take appropriate action.

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What happens with my data while the ELD device is unplugged?

If your driver unplugs the ELD device, it will be recorded. You will be aware that the device isn’t currently connected to the vehicle. After the ELD device is connected again, an Unplugged event will be created where you’ll see the total distance traveled during the time when the ELD device was unplugged.

Can I see the total distance traveled during the time when ELD was unplugged?

Yes. You can see the total miles traveled and odometer after the driver reconnects to the vehicle.

Will I see the information on the driver’s log if there were any ELD unplugged events?

Yes, just open the Driver’s Daily Log to see if and when was ELD unplugged from which vehicle.

Is there any way to keep track of the vehicle's location while ELD is unplugged?

You can see the last known location at the moment when the device was unplugged.
The only way to keep track of a vehicle’s location is if you are using our GPS device from where data is fetched.