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Instant Alerts for Location Tracking: Optimizing Your Fleet Management


Improving Fleet Management with Instant Notifications

Our feature allows you to receive instant notifications and SMS whenever your driver enters a specific location or the truck stays in a specific area on the map for an extended period of time. These events can be monitored by your fleet manager via the Dashboard and our Geofence tab. Improve driver efficiency by using our instant notifications.

Streamlining Delivery Processes with Real-Time alerts

This feature simplifies the preparation for deliveries. With it, you can track the proximity of your vehicle to a customer and establish contact with the broker accordingly. Furthermore, customers can also track and receive notifications when the driver is nearing their final destination.

Stay Informed About the Location of each Truck

Create a geofence around restricted areas and receive notifications whenever a vehicle approaches the specified area. This feature enables your fleet to monitor your drivers’ activities more efficiently.

Customizable Geofence Alerts for Improved Fleet Monitoring

Select the geofence type that aligns with your needs and receive notifications whenever the next shipment arrives, or the truck enters a restricted area. With our geofence tracking and notification system, you can remain prepared at all times.

Geofence Made Easy: How to Choose Your Location

Selecting a location for geofencing is simple thanks to our intuitive and easy-to-use feature. Simply search for your desired location by address, city, or state, or choose from one of our pre-defined yards. You can select a geofence shape, such as a circle, rectangle, or polygon, after choosing your location. Our real-time alert feature allows you to receive immediate notifications when a truck enters or leaves the designated area, which can help you track your loads more efficiently.

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What can I draw a geofence around?

You just pick a location on the map and draw any shape you like around it. That will be your geofence area.

What kind of geofence type can I choose?

Basic Geofence, Restricted area, Yard, Weigh Station or Risk Zone are just some of the Geofence categories you can pick.

Will I be alerted when vehicles enter the geofence area?

Yes, you can receive alerts both when a vehicle enters or exits the chosen geofence area.