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Dispatch Solution

Simplify the driver workflow


Quick Load Management

Our intelligent calculation system provides details about potential late deliveries based on the current vehicle location. You can monitor vehicle and load statuses and remain ready for any sudden changes, allowing you to contact brokers or optimize routes to ensure timely delivery. Forget paperwork and boost your fleet’s productivity.

Teamwork in Your Fleet

With immediate notifications, drivers and fleets can communicate more effectively. Each time a driver checks a pickup, delivery, or completed load, the fleet promptly receives the updated information through the web application. Validating the driver’s work with submitted files is now made effortless.

User-Friendly App

Receive instant notification about a new load. The driver will get all the essential details regarding the load straight to their mobile device. With the driver-friendly app, they can effortlessly complete all the mandatory fields and upload the required documents.

One Spot for All Upcoming and Completed Loads

Dispatchers can easily create and track new loads with real-time updates on route status, vehicle status, and location from the Dispatch Board. The Upcoming table provides information on all scheduled loads, while the Completed loads section offers a comprehensive overview of delivered loads for analysis of delivery trends.

Maintain Control of Your Loads

Boost your fleet productivity and simplify route optimization by utilizing our Dispatch solution. Enhance communication between drivers and fleets and reduce unnecessary costs.

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What kind of dispatch information does my driver receive?

The driver can find all the necessary information about the route on his device including addresses, pickup and delivery information, special instructions and required documents.

Where can I find a history of all delivered loads?

History of all finished loads can be found within the Completed Loads section. Check out the load status to see if the load was delivered, interrupted or canceled.

How can I optimize a driver’s route?

Optimize a driver’s route by creating a load with the multiple pickup and delivery stops and choosing the most efficient route