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Live Share

Monitor your Load's Progress Until it Reaches its Destination


Seamless Collaboration Between Brokers and Fleets for Enhanced Operations

With our live-share feature, you can ensure your customers’ satisfaction by eliminating any worries about the driver’s location, vehicle status, or estimated arrival time. Additionally, fleet managers and brokers can watch their loads in real-time for improved fleet management and control.

Simplicity of Creating Live Share Link

Live Share Feature eliminates the hassle of constantly guessing the location of the truck and answering calls from brokers throughout the day. With just a click, the fleet can easily determine the precise location of the driver. To create Live Share Link there are two options available. First, click on the Live Share icon located in the Dashboard, set an Expiration Date, and then copy the link to share it with brokers. Or, if you must share documents, driver information, or details regarding the load with customers, generate a Live Share link directly from the load displayed on the Dispatch Board.

Ensuring safe link sharing with Live Share History

You can rest assured about the safety of your links with this feature. It provides a record of when the link was generated and when it will expire. If the delivery has been completed by the driver or if you wish to delete the link prior to its expiration, you can cancel it at any moment.

Streamlining Broker Access to Information

We acknowledge the significance of tracking and documentation, hence our feature enables brokers to access all relevant information, including the Vehicle ID, Driver’s Name, Current Location, and Vehicle Status (i.e., whether it’s in motion or stationary). As a broker, there’s no need to log in to our application. Instead, the fleet manager will provide you with a link that allows you to track your shipment with comprehensive details and real-time updates on the driver’s status.

Promoting transparency with effortless information sharing

Sharing information with a third party is no longer a concern, as our feature enables you to run your business transparently. ELD Rider facilitates more efficient work and lowers additional costs by improving communication between your fleets and brokers.

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What information will be included in the link?

Each live share link includes the vehicle location, vehicle status, current driver, driver’s phone number. If you share a link from the Dispatch Board, there will be additional information about load such as route status, load status, checked-in time and pickup & delivery information.

To whom can I share the live location of a vehicle?

Once you’ve generated a live share link in the app, share it with anyone you want.

I’ve sent a live Share link by mistake. Can I delete it?

Yes, if you sent a live share link to the wrong person or you have set the wrong expiration date, just cancel the existing link and create a new one.

Can I see the history of previously sent links?

Yes, you will see the list of all active live share links and the date when the link expires.