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Multi-company Account

Effortlessly Monitor All Your Companies with Multi-Company Account Feature


Track All Your Drivers with Ease with Multi-Company Account Feature

With ELD Rider, you can track all of your drivers, regardless of company affiliation, eliminating the need to worry about data location. You can add as many as you need, whether you have five, ten, twenty, or more companies.

Save Time and Effort with Our Multi-Company Account Feature

With our Multi-Company Account Feature, switching between different company accounts is a breeze. Our goal in creating this feature was to relieve you of the burden of logging into multiple user accounts, giving you more time to focus on your business.

One Place for All Your Companies and Driver’s Data

Our Multi-Company Account feature is an ideal solution for those who wish to access comprehensive information about their drivers in a single location. With this feature, we store all relevant data, including loads, logs, reports, location history, and more, providing you with everything you need in one place. Whether you prefer to focus on a specific company’s drivers and fleets or require information on every company you manage, our platform makes it easy to do both.

Easily Monitor Your Entire Fleet with Smart Filtering

There is no need to memorize everything. Simply create a smart filter to retrieve relevant information quickly whenever needed. Our solution provides smart filtering systems for both companies and groups, allowing you to track your data more efficiently. You can easily monitor specific drivers, vehicles, or trailers from multiple companies in one place by using our “Groups” feature. Additionally, you can create a multi-company user and filter drivers from various companies, allowing you to easily track active drivers, drivers with violations, and GPS reports.

Access All Information with Ease

Accessing all the information you need is stress-free with our solution. By utilizing our Multi-Company Account feature, your fleet can operate in a more efficient and organized manner. With ELD Rider, you have access to all the information regarding your companies, drivers and fleet in a single location.

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Quickly manage and track all your companies and their data with our Multi-company Account feature

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Can I have 10 companies in one account?

There is no limitation in the number of companies you can have in one account.

Does it cost extra to have multiple companies in one account?

No, multiple-companies feature is included in the basic ELD Rider solution.

Can I add drivers & vehicles from different companies to groups?

Yes you can by using our “Groups” feature. Add drivers, vehicles and trailers from different companies in separate groups to monitor them.

How will I know which company vehicles belong to?

We added a Company Name column in each report to make it easier for you to track which company asset or driver belongs to.