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Protect drivers and lower costs by preventing roadside accidents


Full Coverage Inside and Outside the Cab with ELD Rider  Dashcam

Ensuring that your camera captures high-quality footage is crucial. With the ELD Rider Dashcam feature, users have the option to select the camera that best suits their needs. These cameras capture the events ahead of the vehicle. They are equipped with a wide-angle lens and full HD 1080p video recording capabilities. Our dashcam provides a wealth of visual data that can improve safety, boost driver performance, and protect motor carriers from false claims and fraudulent activities.

Real-Time Fleet Safety Monitoring with ELD Rider’s Live Stream Feature

A Dashcam that records and stores tens of hours of video data can provide carriers with valuable information about incidents. However, reviewing all of this footage can be a time-consuming task. The Live Stream option, available on the ELD Rider, allows fleet and safety managers to watch a live feed directly from the dashboard. This feature enables them to stay informed about their fleet’s safety and quickly access necessary footage when needed. The best part of this option is that it saves time by eliminating the need to navigate between multiple tabs to access the footage.

Videos on Demand for Efficient Accident Response and Lower Insurance Prices

The ability for fleet and safety managers to select the specific time frame of video footage related to an accident is extremely valuable, particularly in situations involving traffic incidents where safety is of utmost priority. Additionally, insurance companies frequently request video records, and having easy access to this footage can significantly reduce insurance premium costs. Some insurance companies offer discounts to customers who install dashcams in their vehicles. The cost of accessing the necessary camera footage is included in the monthly subscription fee, meaning that users can play and download the footage directly from the app at no extra cost.

Instant Alerts about Risky Driving to Prevent Accidents

The ELD Rider Dashcam has a sophisticated alert system that immediately detects and notifies fleet and safety managers of unwanted events, such as distracted driving. The alarms include Hard Acceleration and Hard Deceleration. When a risky event occurs, users are alerted, and all important details such as date/time, vehicle ID, camera S/N, alarm type, severity, and location are automatically saved.

Exonerate Your Drivers and Establish Trust with Dashcams

One of the top benefits that fleet dash cams offer to motor carriers is driver exoneration. With the ELD Rider Dashcam, video evidence can be obtained and used to prove the innocence of drivers in case of an accident. The dash cam functions as an impartial witness, capturing footage of the events leading up to, during, and after the crash. This provides fleets with the ability to support their drivers and establish trust.

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