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We prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions

Vehicle Inspection

What information can I find in a Driver Vehicle Inspection report?

DVIR report is easily generated for the day and the driver you choose.
You will find information about report type (Pre-Trip, Post-Trip) and odometer and engine hours recorded at the moment when DVIR was performed. Most importantly, check if there was any Vehicle or Trailer defect reported and if yes, whether the defect has been corrected.

Can a driver take a photo of a vehicle defect through the application?

Driver is obligated to take a photo of the defect during the Pre-Trip or Post-Trip inspection. Photos can be taken directly from the application and sent to the web for the preview.

Will I be alerted when the driver reports a DVIR with a defect?

If a driver reports that a vehicle or trailer contains a defect during the Pre-Trip or Post-Trip inspection, an instant alert which you can choose to receive in app, via email or SMS will be created.

Logs Manager

How often is Location data recorded from an ELD device?

Location data is recorded every two minutes.

Location data is displayed below the driver’s log, but the driver’s status wasn’t Driving during that time. How is this possible?

In this case, the driver was probably not connected to the mobile device or has lost the internet service, but the vehicle was in motion. You will see the Unidentified Driving event on the driver’s log and be able to assign the driving event to the driver.

Where can I check if my driver has entered trailer and shipping documents?

Check for possible Form & Manner Errors directly from Driver’s Daily Log and remind your driver to enter the missing trailer and shipping documents and certify logs, if he has not done so.

Smart Dashboard

Is there a way to keep track of Unidentified Driving in progress?

If the vehicle is in motion, but the driver is not identified you will immediately see Unidentified Driving vehicle status sorted at the top of the Dashboard list. You can also see the last identified driver who was driving the vehicle and call him directly from the app.

Can I track potential HOS violations from Dashboard?

Drivers who are currently in violation are shown at the top of the Drivers list on Dashboard. You are able to see remaining Break, Drive, Shift, Cycle and Recap hours directly from the Dashboard and contact drivers if they are about to or already have violated HOS regulations.

My vehicle is running out of fuel. How can I find the nearest gas stations from the current location?

Check where some of the gas stations with real-time fuel prices are closest directly from the dashboard map.

How far back can I view location history for my vehicles?

You are able to see all vehicle and trailer activity for the last six months.

Unidentified Driving in Progress

I see that the vehicle is in Unidentified Driving status, but there is a driver displayed. What does this mean?

The driver you see is the last driver connected to the vehicle in Unidentified Driving status. Contact the last known driver to check why there is Unidentified Driving in progress and to inform him to connect to the device properly.

How will I be alerted that there is an Unidentified Driving in progress?

The vehicles in motion where no driver is identified will be shown at the top of the Vehicles list on the Dashboard. In that way you will never miss an Unidentified Driving in progress and will be able to react immediately.

Once the driver is properly connected, what will happen with Unidentified Driving time?

Unidentified Driving event will be created which you can then assign to the driver.
You will also see if there was any Unidentified Driving for the vehicle directly from Driver’s Daily log.

Dispatch Board

Can I create a route with multiple stops?

Yes, you can create a route with as many stops as you want which will help you with the route optimization.

How will I check if the delivery will be on time?

By keeping track of current Route Status where you will see the estimated time to the next route stop. Estimated time is then compared to the time when the driver must be at the pickup or delivery and shown directly on the Dispatch Board.

Can I send a live share link for the load to the third party?

Yes, you can create a live share link for the Load from the Dispatch Board and then share it with the broker or anyone you want. Live Share link will include pickup and delivery information, ETAs and if you choose to share, also driver’s paperwork and phone number.

Where can I see the time when the driver checked-in on pickup or delivery?

At each stop, the driver checks in and indicates pickup or delivery time directly from his device. All the information is immediately visible on the web so the Dispatchers can see for how long the driver was at the pickup or delivery.


Can I have ten companies in one account?

There is no limitation in the number of companies you can have in one account.

Does it cost extra to have multiple companies in one account?

No, the multiple-company feature is included in the basic ELD Rider solution.

Can I add drivers and vehicles from different companies to groups?

Yes you can by using our “Groups” feature. Add drivers, vehicles and trailers from different companies in separate groups to monitor them.

How will I know which company vehicles belong to?

We added a Company Name column in each report to make it easier for you to track which company asset or driver belongs to.


What can I draw a geofence around?

You just pick a location on the map and draw any shape you like around it.
That will be your geofence area.

What kind of geofence type can I choose?

Basic Geofence, Restricted area, Yard, Weigh Station or Risk Zone are just some of the Geofence categories you can pick.

Will I be alerted when vehicles enter the geofence area?

Yes, you can receive alerts both when a vehicle enters or exits the chosen geofence area.

ELD Unplugs

What happens with my data while the ELD device is unplugged?

If your driver unplugs the ELD device, it will be recorded. You will be aware that the device is not currently connected to the vehicle. After the ELD device is connected again, an Unplugged event will be created where you will see the total distance traveled during the time when the ELD device was unplugged.

Can I see the total distance traveled during the time when ELD was unplugged?

Yes. You can see the total miles traveled and odometer after the driver reconnects to the vehicle.

Would I see the information on the driver’s log if there were any ELD unplugged events?

Yes, just open the Driver’s Daily Log to see if and when ELD was unplugged from which vehicle.

Is there any way to keep track of the vehicle's location while ELD is unplugged?

You can see the last known location at the moment when the device was unplugged.
The only way to keep track of a vehicle location is if you are using our GPS device from where data is fetched.

Live Share

What information will be included in the link?

Each live share link includes the vehicle location, vehicle status, current driver, driver’s phone number. If you share a link from the Dispatch Board, there will be additional information about load such as route status, load status, checked-in time and pickup and delivery information.

To whom can I share the live location of a vehicle?

Once you have generated a live share link in the app, share it with anyone you want.

I’ve sent a live Share link by mistake. Can I delete it?

Yes, if you have sent a live share link to the wrong person or you have set the wrong expiration date, just cancel the existing link and create a new one.

Can I see the history of previously sent links?

Yes, you will see the list of all active live share links and the date when the link expires.

Maintenance Schedule

How will I be aware of the upcoming schedules?

You can set a customized alert and determine when you want to be notified of the upcoming schedule. You can also check the Upcoming table and see the Schedules with the closest Due date on the top.

Can I choose maintenance frequency by vehicle’s odometer?

Choose a maintenance frequency in a way that suits you: in days, miles or engine hours.

How is the next service calculated?

Next Service is calculated as Last Service plus Maintenance Frequency. For example, if you have chosen a maintenance frequency every 1000 miles, and the last service was performed when the vehicle’s odometer was 550 000 miles, the next service will then be when the vehicle’s odometer reaches 551 000 miles. If there is no Last Service information, the Next Service will be calculated based on the current odometer (or current date or engine hours).

Will I see the history of all performed maintenance schedules?

When you resolve a schedule, you will be able to enter the necessary information such as maintenance costs, vehicle odometer or additional notes. You will find this data in the “Maintenance History” section.

Asset Utilization

What is considered an idling event?

An idling event is recorded when the vehicle is stationary while the engine is running for more than 5 minutes.

Do I know which driver is responsible for idling?

Idling time is assigned to the vehicle, not to the driver.
You will easily be able to see which driver was using the vehicle during the idle hours.

How is total fuel efficiency calculated?

Total fuel efficiency takes into account distance traveled and gallons spent for that distance during driving and idling hours. This data may come useful when calculating the fuel consumption per mile.

The total utilization of my vehicles in the Mileage Utilization report is 120 %. What does this mean?

Total Utilization is comparison of planned miles traveled vs. actual miles traveled in the chosen date range. If Total Utilization reaches 120%, it means that the total miles driven for all vehicles are 20% higher than expected.


How can I keep track of trailer activity and utilization?

ELD Rider offers you several reports to keep track of both vehicle and trailer activity. If you want to see the dormant duration, check out the Trailer Inactivity report. For more information on how to take advantage of Mileage and Idling Utilization reports, see the Asset Utilization

Can I keep track of fuel consumption during idling?

To gain insight into total fuel consumption which takes into account both fuel consumption during driving and idling hours, check out the intelligent Idling Utilization Report.

How can I use reports for driver coaching?

You can generate several reports where you will gain insight into the driver’s behavior: time spent in each duty status, number of HOS violations or the amount of Form & Manner Errors in a chosen period. Use the data from these reports to coach drivers and improve their driving behavior.

How does the ELD Rider help with IFTA filing?

ELD Rider calculates the miles driven per each vehicle in each state in a chosen period. Use both IFTA Mileage and IFTA State reports to file an IFTA tax report.

Vehicle Diagnostics

How is ELD Rider able to detect vehicle fault?

Vehicle fault (Diagnostic Trouble Code) is read through the OBD-II or J1939 connector into a vehicle.

Will I be alerted once there is an active fault code?

Yes, set a Vehicle Fault alert and choose to receive in-app, email or SMS notifications once the active fault code is detected.

Can I remove an active fault code?

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is automatically removed when it is no longer detected through ECM.

Alerts Customization

What kind of alert types can I create?

You can currently create more than 15 alert types including Geofence Entrance, Scheduled Maintenance, Vehicle Faults, Nearing & In HOS violation, DVIR Defects, Log Edits by Driver,.. We are looking forward to introducing several new alert types with the next software version update.

Can I choose the alert recipients?

Absolutely. You decide who should be the recipient of each alert: fleet manager or external recipient. Choose if you want to receive notifications via email, SMS or in the app.

Is there a way to set an alert only for the specific drivers?

For each alert type, you can choose which drivers, vehicles or trailers the alert will apply to. This means that, for example, you can set a Near HOS violation alert only for some company drivers and receive an alert only when they are nearing HOS violation. In that way you can stay focused only on the important issues you want to keep track of.

When will I receive the alert that I have a scheduled maintenance?

You can receive an alert on the day of scheduled maintenance, several days before it or when the odometer reaches the chosen value. Simply set how long before the due date you want to be reminded of scheduled maintenance.


Can I schedule preventive maintenance for oil change every 30 000 miles?

Choose any type of maintenance and any frequency you want. You can schedule maintenance frequency in miles, but also in engine hours and days. For example, make a schedule for oil change every 30 000 miles, every 6 months or every 1500 engine hours.

Will I see the list of all reported defects during DVIR?

Yes, all pre-trip and post-trip inspections are sent to the web so the fleet manager can evaluate the DVIR report and resolve defects (if any are reported) on vehicles and trailers.

Where can I see if my vehicle has an active DTC?

If there is an active Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) for your vehicle, you will immediately receive an in-app, email or SMS notification and you will see it directly in the Dashboard list where vehicles with DTCs will be marked with “Vehicle Faults” status.


What kind of dispatch information does my driver receive?

The driver can find all the necessary information about the route on his device including addresses, pickup and delivery information, special instructions and required documents.

Where can I find a history of all delivered loads?

History of all finished loads can be found within the Completed Loads section.
Check out the load status to see if the load was delivered, interrupted or canceled.

How can I optimize a driver’s route?

Optimize a driver’s route by creating a load with the multiple pickup and delivery stops and choosing the most efficient route.


How is IFTA calculated if the vehicle has an ELD Unplugged event(s)?

IFTA Mileage report takes into account miles traveled during the time when ELD was unplugged from the vehicle. With the help of AI calculation, the miles are added to the total distance and to distance traveled in each state.

Can I get the full IFTA report for filing IFTA paperwork?

ELD Rider helps you with tracking the distance your vehicles travel in each jurisdiction, which you need to link with fuel purchase data and then fill in the IFTA paperwork.

What is the difference between IFTA Mileage and IFTA State report?

Both reports calculate the distance your vehicles travel in each jurisdiction.
While IFTA Mileage report calculates distance traveled in all states per vehicle, IFTA State report calculates the distance traveled for all vehicles per jurisdiction. Choose the report that fits the IFTA template you are using.

ELD Compliance

What type of vehicles are compatible with ELD Rider?

The ELD Rider plugs into all standard 9-pin, 6-pin, or OBDII diagnostic ports which means that all vehicles are compatible with cable harness and ELD device.

Is driving time automatically recorded?

When the vehicle is in motion and the speed is greater than 5 mph, the driving will be automatically recorded from the ELD device and the driver’s status will be set to “Driving”.

Is ELD Rider registered with FMCSA?

Yes, ELD Rider is in the FMCSA list of registered ELD providers.

GPS Tracking

Do I need ELD Rider to use ELD Rider GPS devices?

ELD Rider GPS is a stand-alone solution which can be used regardless of ELD Rider for both vehicles and trailers tracking.

I already have an ELD device, why do I need GPS as well?

ELD Rider GPS devices can be assigned not only to vehicles but also to trailers. GPS devices can provide additional information on trailer’s temperature and vehicle battery which cannot be fetched from ELD. GPS devices are also useful to track vehicle location in case when the driver has unplugged the ELD.

Can I keep track of how long the vehicle was idling with the GPS device?

Yes, ELD Rider In-Dash GPS device monitors idling conditions.