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Customizable Reports for Maximum Efficiency and Performance Overview


Eliminate Paperwork and Audit Risk with Our Reporting Feature

By allowing you to track all driver activities and vehicle events, our comprehensive reporting system can improve your operational efficiency. You can reduce audit risk and cut paperwork by automating report calculations.

Maximize Efficiency with Customizable Asset Reports

Gain a comprehensive performance overview with ELD Rider reports and track asset events using data from both our ELD and GPS devices. Select from a wide range of asset reports, including Intelligent IFTA Mileage reports that calculate state-specific travel distances, Utilization reports for load distribution, Inactivity reports for unused vehicles and trailers, and Idling reports for identifying inefficient truck usage.

Monitor Your Drivers’ Behavior With Ease

Effortlessly monitor your drivers’ behavior by using our powerful reports. Fleet managers can keep track of HOS violations, Form & Manner Errors, and HOS Summary reports, which provide daily breakdowns. You can identify drivers who violate HOS regulations and exhibit reckless driving habits. Leverage our Driver Reports to eliminate unsafe behavior and enhance driver safety.

Work On-The-Go With Just One Click Using Offline Reports

Get your reports offline and access detailed information with a one click. Download your reports in PDF or CSV format and analyze them from any location, even if you don’t have an internet connection. This feature is always convenient for business presentations or in areas with limited internet access.

Enhance your productivity by utilizing our reports

Reports are essential in your business operations because they allow you to analyze data from various sources and improve operational efficiency. Use our powerful reporting tool to improve your operational performance. Gain insight into the operating costs of your assets, allowing you to optimize allocation and improve financial forecasting.

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How can I keep track of trailer activity and utilization?

ELD Rider offers you several reports to keep track of both vehicle and trailer activity. If you want to see the dormant duration, check out the Trailer Inactivity report.
For more information on how to take advantage of Mileage and Idling Utilization reports, see the Asset Utilization

Can I keep track of fuel consumption during idling?

To gain insight into total fuel consumption which takes into account both fuel consumption during driving and idling hours, check out the intelligent Idling Utilization Report.

How can I use reports for driver coaching?

You can generate several reports where you will gain insight into the driver’s behavior: time spent in each duty status, number of HOS violations or the amount of Form & Manner Errors in a chosen period. Use the data from these reports to coach drivers and improve their driving behavior.

How does the ELD Rider help with IFTA filing?

ELD Rider calculates the miles driven per each vehicle in each state in a chosen period.
Use both IFTA Mileage and IFTA State reports to file an IFTA tax report.