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Unidentified Driving in Progress

From Detection to Resolution: Solving Violations Effortlessly


Real-time Detection of Unidentified Driving

It is now possible for fleet managers to detect Unidentified Driving while they are occurring. If a vehicle is moving without a driver being connected to the ELD, it will appear at the top of the Dashboard list, ensuring that fleet managers never miss an instance of Unidentified Driving.

New Options for Contacting Drivers Quickly

Within the app, you can view the most recent driver who was connected to the vehicle in cases where Unidentified Driving is occurring. Additionally, you have the ability to directly make a call from the app to address the situation. This feature allows you to quickly identify if the driver forgot to connect to the ELD, has lost internet connection, or is experiencing other connectivity issues. As a result, this can lead to improved driver’s safety and productivity.

Using Unidentified Driving Data to Drive Results

By accessing the Dashboard Widget, you can get an instant summary of all Unidentified Driving incidents that have occurred within the past eight days, including the number of occurrences per vehicle and the last connected drivers. By staying informed, you can make educated decisions based on data to mitigate the occurrence of Unidentified Driving events in the future.

Catching Unidentified Driving as it Happens

In accordance with FMCSA regulations, drivers are required to declare their driving status at all times. Our feature assists fleet managers in monitoring each Unidentified Driving event as it occurs and allows for timely communication with drivers to prevent further violations.

Reducing Unassigned Driving Events with our Solution’s Red Flags

For fleet managers, the review and investigation of all unassigned driving time needs to be a daily function. If it’s not done daily, the number of events will quickly accumulate to an unmanageable level, potentially leading to fines. Additionally, promptly identifying and addressing instances of unassigned driving is crucial, even if they are accidental. Our solution includes red flags that enable fleet managers to take immediate action, audit unidentified driving events, and assign them to the correct driver whenever possible.

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I see that the vehicle is in Unidentified Driving status, but there is a driver displayed. What does this mean?

The driver you see is the last driver connected to the vehicle in Unidentified Driving status.
Contact the last known driver to check why there is Unidentified Driving in progress and to inform him to connect to the device properly.

How will I be alerted that there is an Unidentified Driving in progress?

The vehicles in motion where no driver is identified will be shown at the top of the Vehicles list on the Dashboard.
In that way you will never miss an Unidentified Driving in progress and be able to react immediately.

Once the driver is properly connected, what will happen with Unidentified Driving time?

Unidentified Driving event will be created which you can then assign to the driver.
You will also see if there was any Unidentified Driving for the vehicle directly from Driver’s Daily log.