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Vehicle Inspection

Ensure Fleet Safety and Prevent Accidents with Vehicle Inspection

what is an eld?

Electronic DVIRs Made Easy with ELD Rider

With ELD Rider, you can complete the FMCSA-mandated Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) electronically. Our mobile application allows drivers to quickly create DVIRs, detailing any defects and uploading photos for the fleet to review on the web application. Our user-friendly, mobile application makes it easy for drivers to identify and report any issues during pre-trip and post-trip inspections, and generate a DVIR report quickly. By resolving problems in a timely manner, you can ensure the safety of your vehicle and drivers.

Full Visibility into Fleet Condition

Vehicle inspections enable fleets to identify and address any vehicle or trailer-related defects, ensuring their assets are in good condition. This gives drivers peace of mind when making deliveries. Fleet managers can also track defect statuses for each asset, gaining full visibility into the condition of their vehicles. By identifying defects that require mechanical attention, managers can promptly address them and ensure the safety of their fleet. Once repairs are completed, managers can update the defect status and mark them as resolved, ensuring accurate maintenance records.

Compliance Monitoring: Using DVIRs to Ensure Driver and Vehicle Safety

According to FMCSA rules, drivers are required to complete a Daily Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) every day. The fleet can check if the driver has completed the inspection on time or if the DVIR is missing. If a driver reports a defect(s) in the DVIR, fleet managers will immediately receive an alert. Once the driver submits the DVIR, the fleet will promptly receive information on any vehicle or trailer defects. This helps ensure that drivers follow regulations and that mechanics are scheduled as soon as they are needed, as directed by the fleet manager.

Fleet Inspection Going Paperless

By eliminating paperwork and preventing clerical errors, the fleet can now easily handle vehicle inspections by filling out all the necessary fields, and monitor which defects require repairs and which defects have already been addressed.

Prioritizing Drivers Safety with Vehicle Inspection

Adequate vehicle inspections and regular maintenance can significantly reduce the likelihood of an accident. The fleet can monitor any defects that require attention and schedule maintenance in a timely manner. These procedures are essential for ensuring that everything is working properly and securely, allowing you to prioritize the health of your vehicle and the safety of your drivers.

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What information can I find in a Driver Vehicle Inspection report?

DVIR report is easily generated for the day and the driver you choose. You will find information about report type (Pre-Trip, Post-Trip) and odometer and engine hours recorded at the moment when DVIR was performed. Most importantly, check if there was any Vehicle or Trailer defect reported and if yes, was the defect corrected.

Can a driver take a photo of a vehicle defect through the application?

Driver is obligated to take a photo of the defect during the Pre-Trip or Post-Trip inspection.
Photos can be taken directly from the application and sent to the web for the preview.

Will I be alerted when the driver reports a DVIR with a defect?

If the driver’s reports that the vehicle or trailer contains a defect during the Pre-Trip or Post-Trip inspection, an instant alert will be created that you can choose to receive in app, via Email or via SMS.