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Safety Hub

Protect your fleet and your business


Total Visibility of Your Fleet

It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to install dashcams in their fleets, and for a good reason. These devices offer fleet managers complete visibility, allowing them to monitor driver behavior. Users can easily access footage and stay informed about their fleet’s performance by utilizing the ELD Rider Safety Hub.

Enhance Safety with Real-Time Information

Fleet managers can identify and address safety issues more efficiently, thanks to real-time driver behavior data. The ELD Rider Safety Hub offers a live stream option that enables users to access this data and even create educational content for drivers on safe driving. By pinpointing problems, managers can implement corrective measures to enhance safety.

Cut Back on Insurance Expenses

Documenting unsafe driving behavior or accidents has become crucial for fleet safety. As insurance rates continue to rise, the use of dashcams in the industry is growing. Insurance companies even offer premium discounts to fleets with integrated dashcams. With the ELD Rider Safety Hub, fleet managers can address various issues related to roadside accidents and, ultimately, reduce insurance costs.

Lower Insurance Costs and Raise Fleet Safety Standards

Choose the ELD Rider Safety Hub and benefit from reduced insurance costs by showing your commitment to safety. Follow the lead of those who prioritize safety and equip all your fleet vehicles with our dashcams.

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