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A comprehensive overview of all fuel calculations


Advanced Fuel Usage Analysis

The ELD Rider Fuel feature provides a detailed breakdown of fuel consumption, allowing fleet managers to save money and streamline fuel management. With the Fuel Summary option, it offers advanced fuel calculations, allowing users to view all critical statistical parameters for effective fuel management in a single tab. The integration with ELD Rider IFTA reporting gives you even more insight into your fuel expenses, allowing you to optimize them.

Manage all aspects of fuel usage in one place

Assess changes in performance over any time period, gain access to the top 10 states with the highest fuel purchases, and gain insight into the top five drivers and vehicles with the highest fuel purchases. This feature allows you to optimize your fuel usage and costs.

Access your Total Fuel Expenses and Costs easily with ELD Rider

Fleet managers can either upload or add fuel purchases manually on the app. Moreover, there are two other options to upload fuel purchases: drivers can do it through the ELD Rider app, and through the EFS fuel card. Fleet managers can now optimize fuel spending, control every transaction, and measure the amount of fuel available per vehicle in real time.

Get a Comprehensive View of all Verified Fuel Purchases to Optimize Fuel Spending

Retrieve records of every fuel sale made within a specified period, accessible to you at any time. Fleet managers are able to filter each purchase based on various parameters such as company, date/time, vehicle ID, and many more. The Fuel feature provides advanced insights into verified purchases, allowing you to optimize fuel usage and lower your fleet’s fuel costs.

Integration with EFS Fuel Cards Makes it Easy to Reduce Fuel Theft

With our integration, all EFS purchases are automatically added to the list of pending purchases, giving you complete control and security over fuel management. Our thorough validation system ensures that the information is accurate and secure by including four essential parameters: Purchase Location, Vehicle ID, Driver Name, and Duplicate Input. This system increases the validity of information, reduces the possibility of theft, and ensures a smooth fuel management experience.

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Track fuel purchases in real time to optimize fuel usage and reduce costs with our Fuel feature

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How do I connect ELD Rider and my EFS card?

Firstly, EFS access must be approved in Admin | Company | Edit Company.
There is a new “Fuel” section between “Reports” and “Other”. In the “Fuel” section, we added the “EFS” option, which is turned off by default.
Once the toggle button is turned on, “Preview Login Guide” will be displayed. Here are the steps that will follow:
“Preview Login Guide” – opens EFS Login Guide in the new tab where this process is explained.
Two input fields will appear (they stay hidden before the toggle is on):
User ID – mandatory input
Password – mandatory input
Users need to enter their EFS Credentials in the User ID and Password field.