WhereQube OBDtm


This powerful device can monitor and act upon engine diagnostics information in real time, in addition to a robust set of vehicle tracking features.

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whereQube OBDtm

This device is capable of monitoring and responding to engine diagnostics data in real time, in addition to vehicle tracking.

It boasts an industry-leading cost-efficient design that surpasses larger and more expensive devices. The device offers a robust set of features, including vehicle locating, as well as the ability to diagnose vehicle issues. It also includes wireless firmware updates, internal antennas, and battery, a locking connector, and an accelerometer. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 60°C and can withstand temperatures between -40°C to 85°C (excluding the battery).

Wireless Engine Diagnostics in a small footprint

The whereQube OBD is a ground breaking evolution in telematics applications. It delivers the capability to monitor and act upon engine diagnostics information in real time in addition to a robust set of vehicle tracking features.

Using industry standard CAN bus protocols, the whereQube OBD can be quickly and safely installed on a variety of vehicles.

Key Feature

Wireless Engine Diagnostics can be utilized to implement:

  • Proactive vehicle maintenance
  • Fuel efficiency monitoring
  • Driver behavior detection
  • OBD, J1939

The ELD Rider whereQube is an in-vehicle installed telematics unit that is designed to provide a wide range of in-vehicle functions. The whereQube supports a variety of reporting intervals and ower conservation pro les that are simple to use. Vehicle journey reports based on time, distance, and direction of travel can be easily created from the information reported by the whereQube. Additionally, all vehicle starts and stops, loss of GPS, low battery, and input state changes can be reported.

Presenting the whereQube OBD vehicle tracking system. The whereQube represents a fresh approach in telematics engineering with a highly integrated, feature packed solution in a small footprint. The whereQube employs enhanced HyperGPS™ technology for improved GPS performance and dramatically reduced TTFF (time to first fix).

With an industry leading cost-down architecture, the whereQube outclasses competing devices many times its size and cost with a robust feature set including state-of-the-art vehicle locating functions as well as vehicle diagnostics capability.


Physical Information

L x W x H: 2.55 in x 1.92 in x 1.02 in
Housing: ABS
Weight: 45 grams

Application Interface

Host Protocols:

Band Operation

"LTE FDD: B2/B4/B12 Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz"

GPS/A-GPS Functionality

GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo/QZSSCold start @open skyAutonomous 31 sXTRA enabled 11.54 s
Warm start @open skyAutonomous 21 sXTRA enabled 2.52 s
Hot start @open skyAutonomous 2.7 sXTRA enabled 1.82 s

GSM Functionality

MO/MT SMS Cell Broadcast

Special Features

Wireless Firmware Updates
Internal Antennas
Internal Battery
Locking Connector


Cat M1: Max. 375Kbps (DL), Max. 375Kbps (UL)
Cat NB1: Max. 32Kbps (DL), Max. 70Kbps(UL)
EDGE: Max. 296Kbps (DL), Max. 236.8Kbps (UL)
GPRS: Max. 107Kbps (DL), Max. 85.6Kbps (UL)


8V to 24V
300mAh Li-Ion polymer
200uA Sleep Mode
2mA Snooze Mode (Network On)
30mA Active Mode (Network + GPS On)

SIMCard / Interface / IO

Internal 3V SIM (Form Factor 4FF)
OBD Connector
J1939, CAN, OBD II


Operating: -10 C to 60 C
Storage: -40 C to 85 C (Except Battery)
Humidity: 90% non condensing