GPS TrackLight 4” Round


Round tail/stop light with covert GPS tracking (L81611-R40-50)
0-5 Vehicles: Service rate + $20/per device
5-25 Vehicles: Service rate + $15.99/per device
25 > Vehicles: Service rate + $12.99/per device



Round tail/stop light with covert GPS tracking (L81611-R40-50)

Effortlessly and accurately track your movements with our covert GPS device, which is designed to withstand tough road conditions.

This device utilizes a powerful GPS module connected to a 4G modem, ensuring precise location updates. It also features a built-in Lithium-ion battery that can provide up to three months of location reporting, with automatic notifications of changed conditions. Installation is easy, similar to replacing a tail light, and the device meets all FMVSS P2 photometric requirements for visibility and safety. The lenses and housings are constructed from durable ABS material and are ultrasonically welded. This round-shaped device has a polycarbonate lens, 4G/3G connectivity, and a 3.7V Li 2500 mAH backup battery. It is certified by FCC, ROHS, CE, DOT, IC, and PTCRB.