Under Dash Covert GPS


Stay in control with our robust and reliable device, designed for easy installation and 24/7 monitoring in any conditions.

For more than 5 devices, call (708)221-9922 to obtain a monthly subscription discount!
0-5 Vehicles: Service rate + $20/per device
5-25 Vehicles: Service rate + $15.99/per device
25 > Vehicles: Service rate + $12.99/per device

Subscription fee will be charged after your device is activated.


Our device offers a dependable solution to keep your business in control. It is designed for easy installation and continuous monitoring in any condition, ensuring maximum reliability. The device is equipped with a u-blox7 GPS chipset, a built-in backup battery, and motion detection sensors. It utilizes 3G/4G networks from major US telcos to provide superior reporting reliability. When stationary, it can go into sleep mode to conserve power, and when in motion, it updates the location every 60 seconds. It also has a web portal and smartphone app for monitoring and idle condition.

Key Features

Wireless Engine Diagnostics can be utilized to implement:

    • 3G/4G network for enhanced reporting
    • Long life battery, up to 2 months stand by mode
    • Full web portal and smart phone apps provided
    • Monitors idling conditions
    • Updates location every 60 seconds while moving
    • Sleep mode while stationary conserves power
    • Motion sensors ‘wake’ the device up

The ELD Rider portal provides total control and visibility allowing you to almost be with the vehicle being monitored. Location, speed, direction and time stamps; all the data required to monitor and see where the vehicle’s location can be seen on the portal. Powerful new features on the portal include multiple Landmarks, maintenance management, historyreplay, user defined groups and much more.